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Although this online engagement tool is not yet supporting translation, citizens are invited to express themselves here in their language of choice, French or English,as it is the case during an OCPM public hearing. Contributions in both French and English languages will be considered.

Online questionnaires are available in English as well as many other documents. For example:

All documents available in English can be found in the general documentation list.

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The public consultation

On March 14, Montréal executive committee gave us the mandate to hold a public consultation on two items: reflecting on the future and development of access roads to Mount Royal, and evaluating the pilot project eliminating through-traffic on the Camillien-Houde and Remembrance roads. For the duration of the pilot project, various activities, some requiring attendance in person and others conducted online, will be organized to evaluate the impacts of the pilot project and imagine the future of access roads to the park.